Vector - The Perfect Training Companion

02/01/2019 - Wednesday - AeroMIT


Build Name:       VECTOR

Objective:           The aim was to design a trainer aircraft having canard configuration with a tapered wing.

Type:                     Canard Aircraft.

Description:        In a canard configuration the tail plane is ahead of the wing. The taper ratio employed in the wing makes it susceptible                                       to tip stalls. In order to have the desirable lift distribution and to delay tip stalls, the root airfoil must produce higher lift                                     and stall before the tip airfoil. To achieve this, the wing was given an aerodynamic twist with a varying airfoil section                                           across its span. A vertical stabilizer on the tail plane would produce an undesirable destabilizing effect. Instead, end                                             plates were attached at the wing tips to provide directional stability and reduce drag. Control surfaces were sized to                                             enhance the response of the aircraft without causing undesirable flutter.