The Aerodynamics Subsystem deals with the conceptualization, design and simulation of aircrafts. The core aspects implemented are aerodynamics, flight mechanics and design. Aerodynamic, structural, and stability analyses are performed using various CAD and simulation packages like CATIA, ANSYS and SolidWorks.

Advanced Drone Research

Advanced Drone Research subsystem aims to make the aircrafts smarter by integrating it with novel avionics. The subsystem works on building autonomous planes with computer vision, running advanced convolutional neural network algorithms, capable of satisfying a wide array of mission requirements


The Structures & Composites subsystem is responsible for building the aircraft and testing them. This division explores the immense possibilities and solutions offered by the use of Polymer Matrix Composites in aero-modelling. Various industry level methods such as 4 axis CNC Hot Wire Cutter, Laser Cutters, Vacuum Bagging among other processes are incorporated to facilitate the development of lightweight and strong builds.


The Management is responsible for handling the Finances and Sponsorship, Logistics for the team, Graphics and Media for the team's social media and other Marketing and Publicity purposes . The management team is also responsible for Public Relations and Human Resources.

Research and Development

The research and development subsystem at AeroMIT is dedicated towards promoting innovation, and writing and publishing research literature.
The subsystem also aids the work of other subsystems and helps in integrating the team by serving as a platform for the growth of new projects.