SkyRush is the first National level Flying Competition held at Manipal Academy of Higher Education. With over 10 teams from all over India participating for the  event, The First Edition of the competition has been a success.


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SkyRush is a National Level Flying Competition organized by AeroMIT. The first edition of the competition was held in the 2018 technical fest of MIT, TechTatva '18 from October 5th-6th. The competition was sponsored by Big Mishra's and Fastrack.

The competition saw a participation of over 15 teams from all across India. The teams had to build RC aircrafts based on the given problem statement and constraints. Each team was required to bring their own pilot to fly their aircraft.

The competition was held across two days. On the first day of the competition, the technical inspection was conducted for all the teams to ensure all aircrafts adhered to the given problem statement. The first day of flying required the teams to fly around 4 poles, each placed in the corners of the flying arena. Teams that completed this task were given an option to attempt a limbo for extra points, which could be attempted any number of times. Teams were scored based on the time taken and the number of limbos successfully attempted.

The second day of flying was more challenging requiring the teams to successfully attempt a series of 3 limbos in an alternating manner following it with a payload drop in a specified circular area. The scoring was based on the number of limbos successfully attempted and the closeness of the payload to the centre of the dropping zone.

The teams that grabbed podium finishes were :

1st Place - ACS Flyers
2nd Place - Sky Riders
3rd Place - Team Horizon

The first edition of SkyRush has successfully come to a close and we look forward to build on this edition for the future years to come.

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