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Our Flagship Competition.

Year after year, we participate in this competition wherein we create a new remote-controlled aircraft based on a unique problem statement.


Based on a problem statement, the participating teams are required to develop a UAV to satisfy landing and take-off criteria and execute certain operational requirements.

Screenshot 2023-11-02 192158_edited.jpg

In Aerothon students will experience a full design build and demonstration cycle of a UAS that meets the given mission requirement.

The main purpose of the competition is to develop a drone for carrying medical parcel and autonomously deliver packages on designated areas and upon recognising humans where this operation will be executed as a part of search and rescue event.The competition also provides multiple opportunities for teams from all over India to showcase extraordinary talents of engineering students while encouraging them to develop innovative ideas for developments of improved systems for autonomous drones.


A micro-class flying competition, with Aero Design teams from all over India, compete in technical and flying rounds to win a massive prize pool.


An aerial robotics competition organized by World Skills Russia. Reputed teams from BRICS countries participated in this challenge. 

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