The Dual Motor Beauty - D2 Plane

07/01/2018 - Tuesday - AeroMIT

Build Name:       D-2
Objective:           To design an aircraft capable of carrying a payload with a dual propeller system
Type:                    Twin-Engine Aircraft.
Description:        A twin-engine configuration was selected to generate adequate thrust to propel the aircraft carrying                                              the payload. A rectangular planform imparted structural integrity to the motor mounts and proved                                                    advantageous for low speed applications. The high wing configuration improved stability and provided                                          sufficient clearance to the propellers from the ground. The airfoil selected for the wing was an                                                            interpolation of two airfoils. The hybrid airfoil increased lift, smoother stall characteristics and                                                            enhanced aerodynamic efficiency. The empennage had a twin-tail configuration. The twin propellers                                              mounted on the wings provided greater rudder authority and improved control during take-off to the                                              fins in the propellers’ slipstream.